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4 Simple Ways to Style a Princess Theme Bedroom

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4 Simple Ways to Style a Princess Theme Bedroom

4 Simple Ways to Style a Princess Theme Bedroom

Every little girl is a princess at heart who wishes to be transported into the world of castles and magical creatures. For little girls who have always dreamed of becoming a princess, a princess-themed bedroom is a fun way to help make their dreams come true. But what if you could recreate the spellbinding and beautiful allure of your little princess’ favourite fairytale in her very own room? Kids Haven is a leading online furniture store in Singapore, and to help you make your little girl’s magical makeover a reality, here are a few princess bedroom ideas to give your little princess the room she’s always dreamed of.

Place some princess theme furniture

Place some princess theme furniture-Furniture Online Singapore

A great place to get started is with the bedroom furniture. There are plenty of princess-theme bedroom sets on the market, but you may also mix and match products to create your own. One option would be with Victorian style furniture such as dressers, wardrobes, and chairs to help complete the look and imbue her room with a vintage royal vibe.

Paste wall stickers to decorate the room

When doing up your child’s room, treat the walls as a canvas that you can use to showcase your creativity as well as your daughter’s favourite things. If you’re going for a fairytale theme, opt for a wall decor such as stickers that are relevant to that theme. Stickers with a uniform pattern such as hearts and balloons are more generic, saving you the trouble of changing them in the event your daughter gets bored of her existing room decor. You may also consider wall stickers with fairytale elements like unicorns, rainbows, sun, stars or anything else that catches your child’s fancy. 

Don’t think twice about involving your little one in the project; not only will it help improve her imagination and creativity, but will also serve as a great bonding activity.

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Use fairy lights to create the atmosphere

Use fairy lights to create the atmosphere-Furniture Online Singapore

Another fun way to dress up your little girl’s room is to add some lighting to the space with fairy lights. Every princess needs a little sparkle, and one of the easiest ways to do so is with fairy lights around the room for a magical feel to her princess retreat. Since you can find these tiny lights in a variety of shapes and colours, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find a style that’s perfect for the atmosphere.

Use shimmery fabrics 

Create a scattered stardust-like atmosphere in your daughter’s bedroom with sheer drapes and curtains. If you have already picked out theme-based curtains for the room, layering them with sheer curtains will not only make them stand out more but also enhance the magical appeal of the space. If your little princess is a fan of classics like Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty, using Victorian valances or cords with tassels can even help infuse a Victorian castle-style charm in the room.

The princess fantasy can be within reach for your little one. All that’s needed is to keep these tips in mind to create a perfectly designed princess bedroom with romantically styled furniture and feminine finishes. 

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