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FIJN Series

Scandinavian Kids Furniture

Minimalism interior design, rustic style, industrial interior design - there is a full list of interior design schemes that homeowners tend to follow. Of these, there’s Scandinavian interior design. The perfect blend of minimalism and functionality, Scandinavian interior design has slowly been gaining popularity due to its nod to contemporary aspects. So what are the key elements to take note of when designing a room to radiate a Scandinavian vibe?

  1. Neutral colours
  2. Understated design
  3. Optimal functionality
  4. Wooden accents

Taking all of these into consideration, Kids Haven has curated an entire collection of Scandinavian kids furniture for you to revamp your kid’s room. 

The Kids Haven Collection of Scandinavian Furniture 

At Kids Haven, we house a wide range of Scandinavian kid’s furniture from leading brands such as Joey’s Kids room and HB rooms. Focusing on clean and simple lines, our collection of Scandinavian furniture will fit in seamlessly with any existing interior design scheme in your kid’s room. Offering a range of furniture pieces fit for bedrooms, study rooms, even your living room, this collection will help you design a personal space by allowing for the freedom of expression and creativity.

Elegant and relatively understated in nature, Scandinavian furniture makes creating a Nordic mood easy. Beyond its visual appeal, our furniture is of top-quality. Built with practicality, functionality, and long-lasting capabilities in mind, you’ll not have to worry about replacing these investment pieces for a long time to come. 

Browse Scandinavian Kids Furniture Online 

Available in a full spectrum of beautiful colours and manufactured with specific materials, our furniture options will be easy to coordinate with other furniture pieces in your space. Therefore, when it comes to designing your kid’s room, Scandinavian furniture is the way to go - especially if you are looking to design a sophisticated space that will grow and mature with your child.

Want to have a closer look at our selection of Scandinavian kid’s furniture? Take a virtual tour of our showroom. For more information on our products and delivery services, feel free to get in touch with us. Alternatively, add your favourite picks to our cart to enjoy free delivery for orders above $100.