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4 Creative Room Tips to Express Your Child's Imagination

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4 Creative Room Tips to Express Your Child's Imagination

A child’s room should stimulate both play and imagination, but at the same time provide a space where they can feel safe and recharge their little batteries. However, decorating a young child’s room is often a challenge for many parents. After all, a beautiful, functional room that your little one will love both now and for years to come is no easy feat.

Looking at buying furniture and redesigning your child’s room? Kids Haven is a leading furniture shop for children in Singapore, and we’ve put together these tips to create a place your children can freely play, learn, rest and recharge - where their creativity is what defines the limits.

Use visuals that best represent your child 

Whether done through wallpapers, decals or the plain old paint and brush, adding visuals when decorating can brighten up your child’s room. Visuals add zest to a particular setting, and depending on the method you choose, can fit various budgets too. Select a cheerful theme and incorporate graphics that best represent your child, such as their favourite animals or cartoon characters. That said, children grow up fast and so do their tastes. Hence, we recommend opting for something that they won’t outgrow in just a year or two.

Have a palette of colours

 Have a palette of colours-Buy Furniture Singapore

Selecting a bright colour scheme will go a long way in creating an upbeat, energetic vibe to your child’s room. Do up the room in your child’s favourite colours or pick any palette consisting of two or three primary or pastel shades. Liven up your child's room with colourful bed sheets, curtains, bookcases, and wall designs. Be sure to balance out bold colours with soothing neutrals for a pleasing effect.

Create work and play zones

Create work and play zones-Buy Furniture Singapore

Define work and play zones in your child’s room to help them with staying organised. Set up an area with a designated study table for homework or creative art and puzzle projects. Position the study table near to a window to ensure plenty of natural light and fresh air. Additionally, you should cater storage space for books and stationery to keep surfaces uncluttered and tidy. Opt for neutral styling in this area, to encourage better focus for your child. For play areas, create a bright corner with your child’s toys, games and stuffed animals.

Incorporate rugs into your child’s room

Rugs are a fun and easy way to introduce a new sensory element in your child’s space. Soft floor rugs in wool or cotton provide a comfy area for playtime, while mats made from natural fibres like jute or rattan add another textural element for little fingers and toes to explore. Consider playful prints that engage the imagination, such as a world map or their favourite animal. 

Textiles don’t always have to be limited to the floor either! Hanging up your child’s favourite rug or blanket on the wall creates a playful and unique design element that invites interaction and touch.

We hope this article has provided you with useful tips on how you can create the perfect space that your child will love for many years to come. Your children's desires will naturally shift as they grow older, so be sure to leave extra allowance for your child to modify the space according to their preferences. 

Thinking of buying furniture that infuses your child’s bedroom decor with their unique personality? Kids Haven carries an extensive range of children’s furniture that combines both function and aesthetics - reach out to our team today to find the one best suited for your child’s needs!

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