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Modera - for every mode.

Unusual Design

This is your room... Modera has modules equipped with functional features to share your every excitement... In this room; If you want, a dresser can turn into your play corner!


For you to concentrate better.

Get away from anything that distracts you. Modera desk provides an efficient studying environment with its simple and elegant design. Having a place where you can feel comfortable has never been more valuable.


For bookworms.

Are books an indispensable part of your life? Then we have a bookcase that will take your study room out of the ordinary and make it ‘your’ room’. With the Modera Library, you can have extra space for your books and organize your room as you wish.


No 'out of charge' anymore.

Enjoy uninterrupted music, movies and TV shows withthe USB port at your bedside!


Small room, great solution.

The base bed has been specially designed for a cozy and comfortable sleeping place. Of course, while it was being designed, great solutions were thought of so that you can fit all your belongings into your room.

Just dream.

While it looks like a bunk bed, it's definitely much more than that! Special for siblings who like today dream together before going to sleep. Wide lower bed is designed for those who want to eliminate the borders in between.


For the modern home.