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Find the Most Perfect Baby Shower Gift 

If this is your first time shopping for a baby shower gift for a friend or family member, it can be exciting to celebrate this little bundle of joy with them. Yet, with so many adorable options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make the final choice. Here are some ideas to help you find a unique baby shower gift for your loved one: 

Baby Shower Gift Ideas 

1. Toys

For starters, we already know how toys are a popular go-to for baby shower gifts. Cuteness aside, it is important to select an age-appropriate toy that’s safe for the newborn to play with. Toys that are machine-washable also make the best option in the case of accidental spills - more so if it becomes a treasured toy for the little one. For beautifully crafted toys, consider May’s Hand Unicorn Pinky Sitting Crochet, Green Dino Crochet and more as your baby shower gift. 

2. Pillows

For many new parents, there’s an endless list of items they’ll need to get for their little one. With that in mind, pillows will make a thoughtful baby shower gift to help save the trouble of shopping around for common daily-use items. Here, the Sofzsleep 100% Latex Donut Pillow ensures ultimate comfort for the baby to nestle in. Made of 100% latex, this pillow promotes optimal air and moisture circulation, and can contribute to a peaceful daytime sleep even in Singapore’s hot weather.    

3. Bolsters

To pair with your pillow, you can also consider bolsters to complete your baby shower gift. Designed for use from 6 months old onwards, the Sofzsleep 100% Latex Junior Bolster, for example, will feel ultra-soft with its natural latex filling.     

For Baby Shower Gifts that Any Mum Will Love

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