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Check Out Our Play Teepees in Singapore

What’s a teepee?

You might have come across one or two tent-like structures while browsing Kids Haven’s online catalogue.

Basically, a teepee is a portable conical tent that can be used indoors and outdoors in Singapore and beyond. They are usually made of cloth or canvas. Play Teepees make excellent decorations in a bedroom and also act as a haven for your little one.

If you are looking for a store in Singapore to buy teepees, Kids Haven is it. Not only do we cater a wide range of kid-friendly teepees, but all of them are extremely kid-friendly. With quirky prints as well as substantial space for your little one to chill and hang out, our play teepees are the top-of-the-line in Singapore. Browse today!


Why Are Teepees so Popular in Singapore Homes These Days?

Most Native Americans took refuge in teepees in the past. But why have they become popular in Singapore households now?

These days, many kids take joy in playing with little hideaways. Using teepees makes them feel like they are actually camping outdoors in the woods! An adorable-looking, fun and inviting but also durable and practical play space for your little one could give your child that chance to let his/her imagination run wild. Best of all, you can keep your child under your watchful eyes in the comfort of your own home in Singapore when you incorporate a teepee into your living space.

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