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Maxtrix Top Tent Fabric (Various colors)

Blue / red (021)Blue / white (022)Blue / orange (080)Blue / red / yellow (029)Purple / grey (056)Light pink / white (023)Hot pink / grey (057)Kaki / brown (030)

Maxtrix Underbed Curtains (Various colors)

Blue / red / grey (044)Blue / white (022)Blue / orange (080)Blue / red / yellow (029)Purple / grey (056)Light pink / white (023)Hot pink / grey (057)Kaki / brown (030)

Maxtrix Underbed Curtains Extension (Various colors)

Dark blue (021)Red (011)Purple (056)Light pink (023)

Modular Beds in Singapore 

As your child gets bigger, he/she might outgrow his bed one day. Instead of having to keep shopping and looking for kids furniture, why not just invest in a modular bed for your home in Singapore?

Modular beds make use of innovative storage to accommodate your child even as he/she grows. They can also accommodate more than 1 child.

If you are looking for a place to get them for your home in Singapore, look no further than Kids Haven! We carry the renowned Matrix Kids Furniture set at our online store. These modular beds come equipped with a sturdy bed frame that supports your child throughout his childhood.

Since you are looking for modular beds, why not check out our bedding collection in Singapore?

More About Our Modular Beds in Singapore

Maxtrix Kids Furniture Singapore is a complete children bedroom system that allows you to change the configuration as your child's needs changes. Being a modular bed, it can change from a single low bed (with pullout) to a double decker bunk bed simply by buying a bed to stack on top of it. Loft beds can change in height over time!

Maxtrix beds are perfect for kids and teens in Singapore and the rest of the world. It is functional and grows with your child. From Low beds, Loft beds, Three Sleeper Bunk to Quad Bunks! We have an option for everyone.

It is the furniture set you’ll love forever. Maxtrix beds use Solid Birchwood for its structure and base, thus able to hold up to 350 kg. Long lasting, sturdy and clean finishes.

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