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Customized Oslo Beds in Singapore

Looking for the perfect bed can be challenging. But instead of having to plough through catalogue after catalogue of bed frames, why not get a bed customized in Singapore to meet all your bedroom needs? If that sounds like an ideal design plan, look no further than Kids Haven!

Kids Haven lets you personalise your bed frame so that your child not only gets the bedroom of their dreams but also the best rest possible. From the size and base colour to the integration of storage spaces like drawers, we offer customization services for a selection of our Oslo Beds.

About Customizing Your Oslo Bed

Oslo Beds carry many bed designs that are unique and fun, yet sturdy and lasting as it is made only from solid pine wood. There is also a customizable range that allows you to choose your colour and dimensions, so there is surely something that can fit the theme that you are after! So, which specific parts of your Oslo Beds can you customize here at Kids Haven?

  1. Bed size: Single, Super Single, queen, and king-sized beds - we have them all here at Kids Haven! Even if you opt for a loft bed or a double deck bed, our beds can be customised to your desired size.
  2. Entrance type: Does the idea of climbing up to bed get your kids excited? From mounted ladders to staircases with storage space, we make bedtime both fun and safe for kids. You can even add slides to some of our Oslo Beds.
  3. Pull out features: At Kids Haven, we’ve even considered the possibility of having guests over or nights where kids are too afraid to be by themselves. To cater to these needs, single or super single pullout beds can be added to the overall configuration.
  4. Base colour: For rooms with specific design themes, you can decide between a white or pine base.
  5. In-built drawers: Space constraints at home? Fret not! You can choose to add two 40 cm drawers to some of our beds, like the Oslo Princess low bed.

Why Get a Customized Bed for Your Child in Singapore?

Is getting a customized bed for your home in Singapore really worth the money and effort?

Yes, they are, and here’s why.

When it comes to comfort and aesthetic preference, there is no “one size fits all” bed. Your child might have different sleep preferences and habits. With this in mind, getting a customized bed in Singapore would be able to better accommodate and support his/her growth in the comfort of your home.

Similarly, customized beds are also more functional than standard ones because they can be adjusted to accommodate more than 1 child. This would be important if you are thinking about having another child.

Get in Touch with Us for Customized Beds 

Kids Haven, the leading e-commerce store for kids’ furniture in Singapore, seeks to support your child’s growth and your family. Get your child their own customized crib by browsing our collection of kids’ furniture. To find suitable pieces for your family, you could also head down to our virtual showroom or complete our online inquiry form, and we will be in touch!