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Customized Oslo Beds in Singapore

Looking for the perfect bed can be challenging. But instead of having to plough through catalogue after catalogue of bed frames, why not just get a customized bed for your home in Singapore?

Kids Haven lets you personalize your bed frame so that every child gets the best rest possible. Get your child his/her dream crib by getting a customized bed from Kids Haven, the leading ecommerce platform for kids furniture in Singapore.

We cater customized beds from Oslo on our website in Singapore. Oslo Beds carry a range of bed designs that is unique and fun, yet sturdy and lasting as it is made only from solid pine wood. There is also a customizable range that allows you to choose your colour and dimensions, so there is surely something that can fit the theme that you are after!

Why Get a Customized Bed for Your Child in Singapore?

Is getting a customized bed for your home in Singapore really worth the effort?

Yes, they are, and here’s why.

When it comes to comfort and aesthetic preference, there is no “one size fits all” bed. Your child might have different sleep preferences and habits. With this in mind, getting a customized bed would be able to better accommodate and support his/her growth in the comfort of your home in Singapore.

Similarly, customized beds are also more functional than standard ones because they can be adjusted to accommodate more than 1 child. This would be important if you are thinking about having another child.

Kids Haven, the leading ecommerce store for kids furniture in Singapore, seeks to support your child’s growth and your family. Browse our collection of kids furniture today to find suitable pieces for your family today!


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