Canvas Mori - Kids Haven
Canvas Mori - Kids Haven
Every Wall Is A Canvas. Canvas Mori was created to produce quality and unique wallpapers and wall murals' products. It aims to ease the process of transforming the look and feel of the room, creating the desired theme. Why Canvas Mori? Canvas Mori provides a wide variety of different wallpapers and wall...

Every Wall Is A Canvas.

white wall with white chair


Fun, Ready-Made, Repeated Designs, with textured surfaces, and applied plasticizer to strengthen the wallpapers' durability.


wall mural

Wall Murals

Smooth surfaced large format printing. You will be able to choose any designs from ShutterStock and leave the purchasing to us!

peggy board


Sleek. Functional. Minimalistic. Modular. Lovely.


rockwall design

Home Rockwalls

Rockclimbing starts young! Working with rockclimbing gyms in Singapore to bring rockwalls to your homes. 


unicorn wall mural

Wall Painting/Muralists/Interior Design Services

Professional wall painting, Bespoke Mural Services, Interior Design Services.
These are the additional services we provide to decorate your kids' rooms together!
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