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Bookshelf in Singapore

Bookshelves, shelving units, drawers, and even boxes all have one thing in common — they serve as storage solutions. In space-scarce Singapore, storage solutions are a must for every household. Whether used as a design element to elevate the visual appeal of your home interior or a functional piece that offers a sense of organisation, storage solutions are ones worth maximising. One of the most common options is the trusty ol’ bookshelf. Also known as a bookcase, bookshelves serve multiple purposes. From saving space to indirectly cultivating reading habits in kids, a well-organised home is never complete without a sturdy bookshelf.

Your Ultimate Bookshelf Buying Guide

So, you’ve assessed your needs and determined that you need a bookshelf to keep the study area tidy. It might be because of the massive book collection you’ve hoarded over the years or the stacks of textbooks your kids use for school. Either way, choosing the right bookshelf for your home requires much thought on the following:

  1. Size

How much space do you have? How many things do you need to store? These are a few of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself when deciding on the perfect size for your bookshelf. If buying a bookshelf online, be sure to take note of the dimensions stated. Measure these against the space you plan on placing the bookshelf in. 

  1. Function vs form

Does a sleek bookshelf sound like a good idea? Although the design of the shelf is a factor to consider, your shelf of choice has to serve the basic function of storing materials. If you have many things to stash away, an open shelving unit with minimal space might not be feasible.

  1. Style

Lastly, put some thought into the aesthetics of the piece. From the colour to the material of the bookshelf, ensure it is in line with both your wants and needs. 

Browse the Kids Haven Collection of Bookshelves 

For trendy and modern bookshelves to install into your child’s bedroom or playroom, look no further than Kids Haven. Housing a wide range of kid’s furniture in Singapore, we take pride in the quality and aesthetics of our collection. Browse our selection of shelving units from leading brands and add them to our cart to enjoy free delivery for purchases over $100.