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Comfortable Loft Beds For Your Kid to Have Sweet Dreams

Bedtime will no longer be a struggle. With creative loft bed designs that play with the imagination, your child will be excited to go to bed and get the much-needed sleep they need. Lights out and a kiss goodnight is all it takes for your little one to drift off into the sweetest dreams with these comfortable loft beds, giving you the extra time to catch up on your daily routine. 

Deciding On Your Kid’s Loft Bed

The first thing to decide on for a Loft Bed is - How High? This section covers all heights, but you can view sub-category Low Loft, Mid Loft or High Loft beds in the menu bar.

Secondly, deliberate on how this loft bed will be used in your child’s everyday life to determine the type you should go for.

Thirdly, consider your existing room’s overall decor and decide on the theme you want your kid’s loft bed to take. 

Loft Bed Types You Can Buy For Your Kid

With a slide

Perfect for the active little one, give your kid everlasting fun-filled childhood memories.

With a ladder

Go for a space-saving solution by opting for beds that come with a desk and drawers attached - designed to grow with your child! 

What Makes Kids Haven Loft Beds Different?

Kids Haven beds come from various brands such as Maxtrix, Cilek, Tomato KidZ, Oslo Beds, and HB Rooms; all of which have their own unique aspects such as design, function, and quality. With such a wide selection that fits every budget, your desire to design a room that’s stylish and comfortable for your child is now within your reach. Plus, it is so easy and convenient to shop at Kids Haven online. 

Buy Kids Furniture Online

Kids Haven also sells a wide range of furniture that would match your bed, ranging from wardrobes, bedside tables, study desks, carpets, bedside lamps etc. You could easily purchase the entire bedroom set for your kid’s bedroom from our online store.