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Bunk beds singapore, pull out bed singapore, loft bed singapore

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Bunk beds singapore, pull out bed singapore, loft bed singapore

 3 Things To Consider When Choosing Children's Bed Frames

What is the first image that pops into your mind when the words children and beds are mentioned? It would definitely be children happily bouncing on beds with huge smiles on their faces. All parents desire to provide a conducive living environment for their children’s growth and development. When it comes to their bed, you want something that appeals to your child and their imagination, is safe and sturdy and can last you for a few years. 

As special thought and care are required when picking out the right bed frame that caters to your child, here are some factors to consider. 

1. Knowing The Difference In Bed Frames

Before deciding on the cutest bed frame that caught your eye, it is best to understand the multiple different types of frames available in the market. Here is a breakdown of some common ones. 

  • Cot Beds - Cot beds are tiny beds that are also known as cots, cribs and cradles. They are made specifically for infants, babies and small toddlers. This bed usually has different height features that can be adjusted as your child grows taller to keep them safe as they snooze away into dreamland. You can also opt for convertible versions that allow side guards or bed end panels to be removed when required.
  • Low Beds - Low beds will be the perfect choice if you are transitioning your little one to a bed from a crib. These beds sit low to the ground, reducing the risks of injuries from falls. Low beds are also a great way to encourage autonomy and freedom in the early development stages of your child’s life by allowing them to hop on and off whenever needed. This independence will allow them to regulate their sleep according to their body’s needs. 
  • Loft Beds - Loft beds are usually confused with bunk beds because they also have a bed on the top, but these space-saving bed frames come with an empty lower area that can be used as a storage area, play zone, secret hideout or even a study space, instead of another bed at the bottom like a bunk bed.
  • Bunk Beds - Bunk beds need no introduction and are a crowd favourite. If you wanted one as a child, the chances that your child would also want one are high, hoping they get the top bunk! Today, you can find different variations of bunk beds in stores, from parallel bunk beds and L-shaped bunk beds to customisable themed bunk beds, and more! 


     2. Prioritising Safety In The Bed Frames

    Safety is perhaps the most important aspect of a child’s bed. Can the bed frame support your child’s weight? Are there any sharp corners or edges that would pose as a safety hazard?

    Do consider your child’s personality while making this investment. For example, if you have a toddler who loves sneaking out of bed to play during bedtime, having a bed with side rails would surely help. If your kids like to toss and turn in their sleep, having guards and protective pads around the bed keeps them from hurting themselves by falling off the bed or bumping their heads against the side rails. 

    How your little ones use the bed will give you an idea of what kind of safety features their bed frames would need. 

    3. Understanding Your Child’s Taste and Preferences

    You may be considering purchasing a bed that brings the whole room together, from the layout, theme and even the colour palette. But if your child’s sight is set on the race car-shaped, princess-themed or pull-out bed frame, do not be afraid to give in to these adorable demands, as long as they are not unreasonable. The memory of you tucking them in their favourite bed will live with you and them forever. That’s a memory that you can never put a price on! 

    Choosing the right bed frame can be as challenging as putting a child with a sugar rush to bed. But at Kids Haven, we offer a huge variety of options that would cater to all your and your precious one’s requirements without leaving a hole in your wallet. Do visit our website or call us today for more information