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4 Room Ideas That Give Your Child Room to Grow

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4 Room Ideas That Give Your Child Room to Grow

4 Room Ideas That Give Your Child Room to Grow

For many parents, decorating your child’s room can be an exciting yet overwhelming process. As their needs are ever changing, creating a space that is ideal for your growing child is often seen as a challenge. And with so many adorable options to choose from, you may be wondering how to balance what’s timeless, and what’s appropriate for their current and future needs. 

Kids Haven is a leading children’s furniture store in Singapore, and this article shares some tips to keep in mind when buying furniture for creating a nurturing and well-thought-out space for your children to grow into young adults.

Place versatile furniture in the room

Place versatile furniture in the room-Singapore Ergonomic Chair

As children grow, parents often have to change the entire set of furniture within the child’s room. With this in mind, we recommend going for versatile pieces that can adapt or grow along with your child’s needs. Ergonomic chairs and study tables that are adjustable according to their height are an excellent option. Chairs that provide adequate lumbar support prevent slouching and facilitate proper spine development. Height-adjustable tables can also adapt to your growing child, saving money in the long run.

Paint the room with neutral colours

In any design project, there are areas that you want to stand the test of time such as furniture pieces and colours. A neutral colour palette not only creates a calming environment that is perfect for play and relaxation, it also gives you the most flexibility when it comes to adding and changing accents to the decor of your child’s room down the line. Include patterns like stripes to add a classic touch to any space and an effortlessly timeless trend.

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Build upwards to create more space

Build upwards to create more space-Loft bed Singapore

As your child grows, it's inevitable that more space will be needed, so planning ahead will keep the space organised and allow for future needs. In this case, a modular bed might be an option for you. 

You can start off as a low bed and eventually build it into a loft bed when your child grows older and needs more space. There are different heights for loft beds, mainly low, mid, high and ultra high. Different heights are for different purposes like, storage area, play area, study area etc. You can also add a bed and stack to become a bunk if you have another child that will be sharing the room together.

In short, you can reconfigure a modular bed according to the needs of your child, at different phases of development or when there are changes to family nuclear.

Add design elements that can be changed easily as your child grows 

Your child's bedroom is a space where they can play, sleep, and dream. It should be a reflection of their unique personality, and a space that they feel comfortable in. One way to incorporate personal touches to their room is to choose loose items that can be easily changed out as they grow up. One way to do so would be to hang posters or photographs that can be swapped out as they develop new interests. Alternatively, you could display their artwork on the walls or on a bulletin board. These small details will help to make their room feel like their own personal space.

Children love experimenting and are highly versatile, with the design of their rooms being no exception. Keep these tips in mind when putting your child’s room together to save yourself time, money, and frustration in the process.

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