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Sweet Slumbers with our Children’s Beds

Like a healthy diet, nutrition and loving care from their parents, all children need adequate sleep to grow up healthy and strong. With sufficient rest at night, your child can then stay focused, alert and lively during the day. Even the most active and energetic child needs some downtime when dusk falls. If you are looking for beds for your child’s nursery, look no further than Kids Haven for the furniture you need. 

Making it Easy to Find the Best Kids’ Furniture 

Here at Kids Haven, we offer a wide range of beds to choose from - ranging from car beds, single and super single beds, loft beds, bunk and double decker beds, bedroom sets, baby cots, customized and modular beds, and mattresses that are sure to your young ones in the mood for rest.

There are limitless options to choose from. Kids Haven beds come from various brands such as Maxtrix, Cilek, Tomato KidZ, Oslo Beds, HB Rooms and all of them have their own unique aspects such as design, function, quality. With such a wide selection that fits every budget, and desire for style and comfort, it is convenient to shop at Kids Haven.

Not to mention, Kids Haven also sells a wide range of children’s furniture that would match your bed, ranging from wardrobes, bedside tables, study desks, carpets, lights etc. You could easily purchase the entire bedroom set for your bedroom. 

What Bed Size Should I Buy for My Child?

Ultimately, it depends on how much room is available for the bed, whether you intend to include any additional furniture in the space, and how tall your child is — let’s be honest, you wouldn't want to invest in a bed only to have your children outgrow it in a year or two right? Therefore, come prepared with some measurements to help you narrow down your options as you decide on the ideal bed for your children.

Looking to make a large purchase?  If it is too inconvenient for you to carry your new beds home, rejoice because we offer delivery services islandwide! Check out our purchase policy for more information.