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Study Chair in Singapore

As homework starts piling up and examination season begins, it’s quite likely that most of your child’s time will be spent revising and finishing their homework. During this challenging period, it might be hard for them to stay focused especially if they need to spend a couple of hours at their desks to get their work done and prepare for upcoming tests. 

One reason why some children might struggle to stay focused or study productively is poor posture. Not only would it give your child aches and pains at the neck and back, but it could also encourage slouching in the long-run. It might even affect their eyesight!

To encourage your child to adopt good posture as they study, get them an ergonomic chair & table and have them in their study room. This way, your child will stay alert and motivated during challenging academic periods. 

If you are based in Singapore and looking for some study chairs, Kids Haven is the online platform for you.

Furnish Your Child’s Study Room

Kids Haven is Singapore’s choice online store for children’s furniture.

Choose from our selection of ergonomic tables and chairs to improve your child's study posture and environment.

At Kids Haven, we carry ergonomic study tables and chairs to help with your child's posture. Your child’s posture is important as they will spend long hours, reading, studying and doing work. 

What Constitutes ‘Good’ Posture?

Correct posture involves having your head above your shoulders as well as keeping both feet firmly on the floor and shoulders relaxed. Check in on your child when he/she is studying and guide them on how they should sit when they are studying or even playing their computer games at their study table. 

Browse Our Study Chair Collection in Singapore

At Kids Have, we are dedicated to helping your child grow up healthy and strong. Browse our extensive collection of kid’s furniture online and let’s get your child’s study room furnished today! For a closer look at our selection of study chairs, take a virtual tour of our showroom.