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Baby Cots

Shop for a Baby Cot in Singapore

A baby cot keeps your little one comfortable and safe throughout the night at your home in Singapore. Aside from providing a safe space for your baby to seek respite, a baby cot is also portable, easy to fold, wash and also has safety measures to prevent any accidents.

If you are looking for a website in Singapore which provides functional but also aesthetic baby cots, Kids Haven is the ecommerce store for you.

Based in Singapore, Kids Haven caters a wide collection of kids furniture, bedding and more. Learn more about what we have to offer on our website by reading on.

One unique feature of some of our baby cots is that it can be converted to a single bed with a pullout bed in future to accommodate more inhabitants at your household in Singapore. This way, our baby cots can support your baby even as he/she grows into a toddler!

How to Choose the Right Baby Cot in Singapore

While Kids Haven might have dozens of baby cots available at our website in Singapore, how do you choose the most suitable baby cot?

If you are new to parenting and need some tips, we have several pieces of advice to share.

  • Review the amount of space available – is your baby going to have his/her own nursey? Or is he/her going to share a room with the parents? If you intend to have your baby sleep by himself/herself, it might be worth looking into a standard baby cot to make room for other baby furniture for your home in Singapore. On the other hand, if you intend to share the room with your baby, you might want to look into getting a baby bed with storage attached to save space.
  • Consider the placement of your baby cot – if you intend for your baby to sleep at a distance from your bed, you would want to make sure that the cot has the necessary safety bars to keep your little one safe at night.

Need more advice? Contact us for more tips!