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Studying might not be any child’s hobby. Nevertheless, revision and homework are an essential part of every child’s life once he/she enters school.

What keeps a child motivated even during the examination season?

It is a healthy studying and working environment.

The right furniture can make the biggest difference in one’s productivity. For one, an ergonomic study table can help keep one’s notes and textbooks organized. It also promotes good posture and prevents back and neck pains. In doing so, it can reduce fatigue and keep your child motivated during his revision.

If you are on the hunt for some furniture for your child’s study room in Singapore, Kids Haven provides a massive collection of kids furniture geared towards supporting your child’s growth.

Choose from our selection of ergonomic study tables and chairs in Singapore to improve your child's study posture and environment.

At Kids Haven, we carry ergonomic study tables and chairs to help with your child's posture. Our posture is important as our children will spend long hours, reading, studying and doing work. Browse our catalogue in Singapore to find the perfect study table for your child.

Importance of Good Posture in Kids

Good posture is the foundation of optimal spinal health and musculoskeletal health and it is important to safeguard your child’s joints to prevent shoulder and back pain in the long run.

Poor posture could also result in breathing, digestion and circulation difficulties as it puts excess stress on the muscle and the bones. In this sense, investing in an ergonomic study table can help mitigate chronic health issues as he/she grows up.

Kids Haven is the leading ecommerce store for kids furniture in Singapore. Browse our collection and enjoy a stellar shopping experience!

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