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Must have items to prepare a baby's room

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Must have items to prepare a baby's room

Must have items to prepare a babys room

Planning a nursery requires work, and while most parents-to-be can get caught up in the process of designing the room, it’s important to also make sure that you’ve got the essential items. Working out what you actually need to ensure your new baby is safe, comfortable and cosy should be a priority for a functional and well furnished space. From cot beds to drawers, we’ve put together a list of must-have items you’ll want to have included in your baby’s room. Read on to find out more!

A baby’s crib

A baby crib-Furniture Online Singapore

One of the most crucial items to have is a cot bed that provides a safe and cosy space for your infant. Whether you choose an elaborate cot or a simple bassinet, the sleeping spot for your little one will likely be the focal point of the nursery. Whichever style you choose, make safety a top priority when it comes to your baby. Be sure that the crib or bassinet is sturdy and made of quality materials, with no protruding bolts or screws that could pose as hazards.

A changing table to place diaper and cleaning supplies

Your baby needs somewhere sturdy and comfortable to rest for all those diaper changes. Plan a dedicated space for changing your little one where fresh diapers and wipes can be neatly organised. Many options available in the market today are equipped with built-in shelves and drawers, guaranteeing these necessities are right at your fingertips.

Select one that comes at a height which allows you to lean over with ease. Make sure it has barriers on all four sides to prevent toppling. That said, this doesn’t mean you should ever leave your child unattended there.

A small chest of drawers

A small chest of drawers-Furniture Online Singapore

It’s surprising the amount of storage a small baby needs, so having a well-organised system for those essentials is going to be a top priority when your little one arrives. Have a chest of drawers dedicated to housing wraps, clothes, blankets, sheets and toys. Strategically place them where you can easily reach for items while holding onto your baby, such as within arm’s reach of the changing area. 

A wardrobe for your baby’s clothes

A wardrobe will provide the flexibility to utilise lots of storage without making the room look cluttered or overcrowded. Reach for the perfect outfit without sifting through piles of clothes in drawers, with space for toys, shoes and other items too. 

When choosing a wardrobe for your baby, consider one that comes with low-level hanging rods and drawers as this will allow your child to reach for their own clothes once they hit their toddler years. 

Planning for your nursery doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Keep these essentials in mind when putting your baby’s room together, and ensure the best environment possible for your little one.

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