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Create a Fun Home Learning Space for Your Child

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Create a Fun Home Learning Space for Your Child

Create a Fun Home Learning Space for Your Child

We all know the value of having an engaging, colourful, and educational space in a classroom, but did you know that it is just as important to create an inviting and fun learning space at home?

Creating a fun learning space for children is a crucial aspect of their development, as it can impact their motivation and engagement levels during learning. A fun learning environment can also improve a child's memory retention and creativity. Kids Haven is a leading supplier of furniture online in Singapore, and we’ve compiled these tips to help set up a successful and fun home learning environment for children of any age. Read on to discover more!

Set up a schedule for your children

Having a consistent schedule is essential for children's learning and development. Consistency provides children with structure and stability, developing a sense of routine which can make it easier for them to learn and retain new information. In addition, there should be consistency and your child should understand that this space is a place to come and learn every day. 

The location of their learning space should have minimal distractions and should only be used for learning, if possible. This can be done effectively simply by setting up a study desk at a designated corner in a room. If your child prefers more flexibility, opt for a portable learning table and chair that can be moved around. 

Decorate the room to be well-lit

A well-lit study learning environment is an important factor in a child's academic success and overall well-being. Adequate lighting can have a significant impact on a child's ability to concentrate, learn, and perform their best. It is also crucial for preventing eye strain, headaches, and other vision-related issues that can impact a child's ability to learn effectively, improving their visual acuity and reducing the risk of eye fatigue. For rooms without sufficient natural light, consider placing a mirror across from a window to reflect more sunlight into the room.

Prioritise comfort

Prioritise comfort-Furniture Online Singapore

Much like adults, children need a comfortable learning environment to thrive. Ensure they have a chair and study table of the ideal height and comfort to avoid having to hunch and strain their backs. Include blankets and cushions around the learning area to keep them comfortable and alleviate stress. You may also include soft fabrics as drapes and warm fairy lights to light up the area.

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Keep things organised

Keep things organised-Furniture Online Singapore

Children learn best in organised, clean spaces. Hence, it is crucial to keep clutter at bay around the learning area. Have materials organised on bookshelves, and opt for storage bins or boxes dedicated to storing art supplies and other items for learning. The more clutter, the more distracted a child will be. Having a spot for all your child’s supplies will help keep the space tidy, on top of teaching them how to clean up after themselves.

Regardless of whether your child is in school or just starting to learn at home, having a designated area for learning can foster creativity, concentration, and motivation. Keep these tips in mind to create a space that is comfortable, visually appealing, and encourages creativity and positivity. 

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