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The Easiest Easter Activities for Your Kids This April

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The Easiest Easter Activities for Your Kids This April

The season of Easter is upon us! While Easter is widely associated with Easter eggs and Easter bunnies, Christian families in Singapore celebrate Easter as it is believed to be the day where Jesus Christ resurrected from death two days after Good Friday, the day after Jesus was crucified at Calvary. 

Many families in Singapore participate in Easter activities as a family bonding day, spending quality time together regardless of their religions.  It is also an excellent opportunity to teach children about other faiths in our multi-racial and multi-religious country. 

Thinking of hosting an Easter party for your friends and family but are clueless about Easter festivities? Fret not as Kids Haven has the simplest, easiest-to-execute activities and ideas to keep your children entertained this April! 

Bunny in Wonderland wallpaper

Picture above: Bunny in Wonderland wallpaper 

First Things First, Décor

Before the Easter party starts, get everyone in the mood by decorating the house or your kid’s room with Easter-themed decorations. If you have no idea where to get decorations that children will love, try using wallpapers. An apt wallpaper can lift up the mood of any room in no time. The Bunny in Wonderland wallpaper would be ideal so you can adhere to the Easter theme.

Fancy a Peggy Board in your kid’s room, or already have one? Simply get a Peggy Board House Shelf to house a little bunny stuffed toy or Easter egg for display. 

Then it’s Time to Paint Some Easter Eggs

Painting Easter eggs is the perfect activity to bond with your child and also to teach them the value of upcycling. Children at your party can learn how to have fun through the process of collecting used eggshells at home and then decorating their dedicated eggs before putting them on display. 

Children can also engage in sensory play by using their hands and fingers to make paint patterns on their individual eggshells, which improves their motor skills and build better nerve connections in the brain in the process of doing craftwork.

If you are wondering how you can empty out eggshells without cracking the entire egg, simply use a chopstick to puncture the rounded bottom of an egg and allow the egg yolk and egg white to slip out before washing the shell clean. 

Peggy Board

Picture above: Peggy Board

It’s Egg-hunt Time

To conduct an Easter egg hunt, you will need a ton of empty eggshells. Gather all the remaining empty eggshells that you have collected in the past few weeks - don’t be shy, you can ask your party attendees to pitch in or simply get plastic eggs off the shelves. 

Once you have all the eggs, start to hide them at various spots in your house or even outside by the plants or flower pot. Take a spin at the Easter egg hunt and incorporate an array of surprise elements to make it fun and engaging for the children. There are no rules! You can hide the eggs in a box of kinetic sand so the children can have their own archaeologist moment or simply hide them in a container of uncooked rice to incorporate sensory play. 

Make them form teams to increase the difficulty of the hunt or simply leave the eggs in obvious spots for younger children to have a shot at the scavenger hunt. To incentivise the kids, you can always include prizes and rewards for winning teams or kids who find the “bonus egg”. 

Have a Blast on Easter with Your Children 

It might be tempting to head out for a shopping trip or a feast during the long weekend which Easter falls on, but think about all the fun your children will have at the Easter party that you planned from scratch for them and their closest friends! Keep your children happily entertained with a thematic party this short break. 

Visit Kids Haven today to find the best decor for your Easter party. Besides Peggy Boards and kids’ wallpapers, you can also expect to see a ton of furniture suitable for your kids’ room on our site. Browse through our complete catalogue now.

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