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Peggyboard: Your Perfect Solution To Toy Organisation

You can’t help but shower your little one with toys, but that leaves you with a problem at home. You often come back to stray toys and messy rooms because your child’s playthings don’t have their own designated space.

You can change all of this, and transform the chaos of toys at home into one neat and tidy organisation on a peggyboard.

Teach Your Kids The Fun Way To Organise

Peggyboards are exceptionally easy and safe to use, so it’s the ideal platform to teach your kids how to organise their own belongings and start building on their good habits early.

As peggyboards are essentially simple walls with holes for hooks, it is incredibly modular and flexible. Moving a holder or shelf from one end to another can completely change up the wall’s entire look.

Because these boards are so interactive, it quickly engages your child in a fun way. The peggyboard inspires creativity and invites an eye for aesthetics and detail. It also combines organisational and decorating skills in your little one at an early age.

Watch as your child starts to keep the toys independently, and see your little one gradually learn the importance of responsibility, and keeping the rooms nice and clean.

Simple And Beautiful For Your Home

Coming in all shapes and sizes, you can get a half or full-sized peggyboard, or even make use of underutilised space like your bomb shelter door, or under the bed. Order in 3 colours: natural wood for a Scandinavian feel, pure white for a clean look, or black for a simple, sleek vibe.

Completely Safe For Use 

Made with high-quality European birch plywood, this material is non-toxic and does not irritate the skin. Completely safe to put up in your home, it’s strong and reliable for everyday use by you and your family.

Start Creating A Lovely Space Today

Begin crafting a charming area for you and your little one at home with a simple purchase of the peggyboard online. If you like what you see, expand furniture shopping for your kid and browse our entire collection of furniture.