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Creating a Great Homework Station | Study Table Essentials

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Creating a Great Homework Station | Study Table Essentials

Creating a Great Homework Station | Study Table Essentials

The digital age has blessed us with technology that advances at such rapid speed, and we can hardly keep up. This means that we are hyperconnected to each other all the time, allowing us to be distracted by our phone screens, computer screens and television screens all at the same time.

While it has its perks, it has also proven to be detrimental to the attention span of students as children at a young age are easily distracted by their surroundings, which is why creating a conducive environment is crucial when it comes to ensuring productivity while studying. The last thing you would want is to have your child sit at their desk for two hours and not get anything done.

Setting up a conducive homework station is more than just making a trip down to the furniture store for a nice desk and chair. There is so much more to it to ensure the most efficient study sessions for your kid. Read on to find out some study space essentials that your child would love.

A Sturdy Study Table

Have you ever worked on an old desk in school that is a little bit rocky? It is impossible to be unaffected by how imbalanced the table is, much less be able to write neatly on it, which is why it is important to pick out a table that will last through the test of time and can withstand a good amount of weight on it since your kid will be using it almost daily. 

Keep these requirements in mind when choosing a study table for your kid. 

Sufficient Storage Space

Having space is a luxury in a typical Singapore flat, so why not get a study table that can double up as a storage space for your kid’s stationeries, textbooks and other school supplies? This way, your child will not have to worry about piles of worksheets strewn all over the table top, since they can all be neatly tucked into the extra storage space. Furthermore, working at a tidy table also promotes a clearer mind for higher productivity. A good choice in this case would be to go for study tables with drawers under or matching shelves that can be fitted on the table top.

The Right Size

No matter how tempted you might be to get a higher or bigger study table for your child, stop yourself as having a wrong-sized table could be detrimental to a child’s spinal health. Always look for study tables specially designed and fitted for your child’s height, size and age, such as ergonomic tables, to spare them the discomfort of sitting in an oversized chair with a table that is too high for them. 

The general rule of thumb is the space between the underside of the table and the chair should be about 7-8 inches to accommodate your child’s legs under the table. This would also ensure that their elbows can rest comfortably on the tabletop.

A Functional Study Chair 

Having a suitable chair can make a world of difference for your kid if they have to sit at the desk during exam crunch time for hours on end. As an adult, you would know the pains of sitting on a hard chair for the whole day in the office so all the more we should pick out the right study chair for your little ones.

Sitting on an unsuitable chair for an extended period of time can lead to poor posture and potential spinal problems in future, which is why parents should take the time to choose an optimal chair for their children. To accumulate more mileage for your purchase, consider getting an adjustable kids ergonomic chair that can be adjusted to your child’s height as they grow taller.

Get Your Kid’s Study Table Essentials from Kids Haven

The best homework station for your child should be tailored to their preferences, size and height. Go on and bring your child down to our showroom so they can take a look at our wide range of kids study tables and chairs available in a variety of colours for them to test out. Prefer to shop at the comfort of your own home? Simply browse through our online catalogue and place your orders online with us today.

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