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5 Tips on Picking the right Wardrobe

Jeremy Teo

5 Tips on Picking the right Wardrobe

It's never easy picking the right furniture for your kids' bedroom. Picking the right wardrobe is as important as other main types of furniture such as your beds and sofas.

The essential of our bedroom, shopping for a new piece should help eliminate old problems.

This post includes key features to look out for when making your next wardrobe purchase!


#01 Organise

Depending on your preference, decide whether you need more shelf space to hang or fold your clothes.

Ask yourself questions like:

1) Do I need more space to hang my child’s clothes?

2) Would folding it be a better choice?

3) Do I need additional storage space? Eg. Drawers

4) Do I need a top shelf to store slow-moving items?

#02 Measure

Before anything, remember to measure up how much space your wardrobe can fit!

It is important to effectively maximise your space. Therefore, measure wall to wall, floor to ceiling and the distance between your wardrobe to the surrounding items of furniture.

Take note of simple and small features such as having a soft closing wardrobe door for your child for safety or pick a wardrobe with a sliding door to save additional floor space! 

#03 Design

When looking at the overwhelming choices for wardrobe, remember to match the wardrobe with the existing theme of your current room!

Things to note includes:

1) Colour theme

2) Finishes of your other furniture

3) Small details that complement

Ensure that the design theme of the wardrobe matches and complements in colour and aesthetic. This is to ensure that the entire room looks pleasing when everything is placed together!

#04 Storage

If have two children or more, it is important to get a wardrobe with a divider.

Instead of getting two wardrobes, some may opt for a larger wardrobe such as a 3door wardrobe instead of 2door. Another compartment means more storage space. This allows room to organise your children’s clothes without having to squeeze all of them.

#05 Customise a wardrobe

If all else fails, customise a wardrobe with us! Come to us with your floor plan, dimensions, and needs. We will then start our discussion on how your wardrobe could be!


At Kids Haven, we provide an extensive amount of wardrobe collection from various brands.

Looking for the right piece of wardrobe has never been easier.

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