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Study Table in Singapore

When it comes to designing a conducive environment for your child to grow up in, there are several rooms that you’ll have to look into - the main two being your kid’s bedroom and study room. The former holds importance for a simple reason, and that being sleep is important. The latter, the study room, is obviously a place where your kid will spend most of their time studying outside of a school setting. From good lighting to seating solutions, there are numerous elements that you’ll have to add to transform the space into one that is favourable for studying. Of all the unique elements, one important piece of furniture that has to be in every kid’s study room is the study table. Standalone tables, tables with built-in storage units, ones with a hydraulic system, and everything in between, Kids Haven Singapore has an extensive range of study tables for your perusal.

How to Choose the Right Study Table for Your Child

Given the vast array of study table options available in the furniture market, it is important to consider a few essential factors to help narrow down to the best one for your child’s study room. To ensure you make an informed purchase, be sure to look into the following:

1. The size  

As with all furniture pieces, its size is important. Whether you have a small amount of room space to work with or an abundance of it, measurement is always key. Determine the location at which you plan to have the study table installed and make measurements to ensure that there is sufficient room for not only the furniture but also for your kid to sit comfortably.

2. Current interior theme 

As mentioned, the immediate environment plays a pivotal role in how conducive an environment is. If you were to look at the interior design of a classroom, you’ll notice some level of consistency. Similarly, you’ll want to pick a study table that will complement the existing interior theme of the room.

3. Storage solutions   

There is no denying that homes in Singapore fall short on space. As a result, it is common to see bedrooms double as study rooms. To maximise the space you have available, opt for multifunctional pieces that come with built-in storage space. At Kids Haven, we have a plethora of study tables that come with shelving units and under-table space where you can store books and other materials.   

Browse Sturdy Study Tables in Singapore 

Planning to redo your kid’s study room? At Kids Haven, options of appropriate furniture are aplenty. Browse our extensive collection and take your pick - we’ve also included Ergonomic study tables in this category if you're looking for options that offer optimal support. For more information on our furniture, take a virtual tour around our showroom or feel free to contact us.