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Fun Indoor Kids Activities | Kids Haven

Kids Haven

Fun Indoor Kids Activities | Kids Haven

4 Fun Indoor Activities in Singapore for Kids This June Holidays

Worried about how to keep your kids busy indoors during the upcoming school holidays? You are not alone.

As Singaporeans continue to keep their outdoor activities to a minimum due to the latest pandemic regulations, most parents are frantically coming up with interesting activities for their children to do at home in order to keep them safe.

Fortunately for you, our team at Kids Haven have come up with a list of fun and inexpensive indoor activities that can be enjoyed at home by your little ones. All you need to have is a little creativity, some patience and a ton of imagination!

1. Bring Out the Inner Chef in Your Kid

Curious to see how well your children will fare in the kitchen? Put your patience and their skills to the test by spending some quality time with them in the kitchen. Since the school holidays are about a month-long, you can make your parent-child cooking sessions a weekly thing. In fact, light baking is a fun activity suitable for kids from 3 years old and up, as long as you guide and supervise them during the entire time.

For starters, you can start your kids slow by baking cookies together by following a simple recipe. Get them involved in measuring the ingredients and take the opportunity to teach them how to use kitchen equipment such as the whisk, measuring cup and rolling pin.

2. Paint with Marbles

Marble painting is the perfect indoor activity to hone your kids’ creative thinking and art skills, a painting activity that is most suited for toddlers who are under the age of 8 and are getting used to tactile play and new experiences. All you need is a pack of marbles, some colourful paint, a small canvas and a tray big enough for your child to manoeuvre.

Simply allow your kids to soak the marbles in paint and drop them into a box lined with white paper. Let them hold up the tray to let the paint-covered marbles roll about freely in the tray, on the white paper. Once they are done having fun rolling the marbles around, they can then admire the abstract print that they have created with the tracks of the marbles.

Take this chance to teach them all about primary colours or simply get them into the hobby of creative work! Make a day out of it and let them hang their masterpieces on their own peggyboards as decoration.

3. Redecorate The House Together

If your kids are getting restless at home, instead of asking them to clean their rooms, why not let them have a room makeover instead? Since it is not the best idea to head out to shop for kids furniture, you can simply gather your children and visit Kids Haven’s virtual showroom together to help them create their dream bedroom.

Whether it is a new ergonomic table and chair or a loft bed that they fancy, you can make the purchase from the comfort of your own home on our website.

4. Have a Glamping Session 

Can’t keep the kids indoors? Get a teepee from Kids Haven and let your imaginations run wild to create the best glamping trip at your balcony. Start a potluck or a mini barbecue, have dinner outside while watching the stars or simply play pretend and act like you are having a family camping trip at a beautiful beach.

Have a Fruitful Holiday With Your Little Ones

There are endless ways to keep your kids occupied during the holidays despite staying indoors, as long as you make full use of your creativity! As we anticipate staying indoors for the next month due to COVID-19 restrictions, go ahead and give our activities a shot when you can’t think of new ways to entertain your children.

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