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5 Fun Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Home Based Learning

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5 Fun Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Home Based Learning

Back in 2021, when everyone was on high alert due to the pandemic, home-based learning was the norm for the young ones. From schools to tuition centres, online learning was widespread. While we’ve slowly gained back some form of freedom from the plethora of safe distancing regulations, that does not mean that home-based learning (HBL) is a thing of the past.

With the Ministry of Education pushing out initiatives like the Student Learning Space (SLS) to transform the learning experiences of young learners, it’s only a matter of time before your child informs you that they’ll be spending the day at home. Even though these programmes engage children in different learning modes and teach them how to cope with distance learning, injecting a little fun into their study area will not hurt. Read on to find out how to transform your child’s study space to maintain their enthusiasm for home-based learning. 

1. The Ideal 2-in-1 Space 

In space-scarce Singapore, it is common for most kids' bedrooms to double up as a study room. While throwing in a random wooden table and dragging a spare dining chair into your child’s bedroom will create somewhat of a study corner, it might not be the most exciting and conducive space that your child will involuntarily run towards daily. To create an impeccable homework station that is not only ideal for HBL but also imbued with fun elements and utilises the limited space to a tee, consider loft furniture. Matrix loft beds like the Matrix High Loft Bed are designed with a loft bed, kids’ study table, and chair combo. Alternatively, Maxtrix Corner High Loft Bed is a choice if the room is meant for 2 kids or more. Structured to save space and create more room, you’ll never have to worry about cramping too many furniture pieces in your kid’s bedroom again. Alternatively, you can take a look at Oslo CustomBed, which has the option to customise High Loft Beds, the few main designs to pick from, includes but not limited to, are Little House High Loft Bed, Princess High Loft Bed, and Nautical High Loft Bed. Oslo CustomBed also allows customization of colours and measurements. The empty floor space under the Loft Bed can be used to include an additional mattress, your preferred study tables or other storage furniture.

2. Ace the Theme

Studies have demonstrated that immediate environmental features have an impact on the attitude and behaviour of students. Implementing an invigorating colour palette in your child’s study area can thus influence their emotional state and boost productivity. While it is not necessary for your kid’s bedroom to have an identical interior design scheme as the rest of your home, having a themed bedroom will take the ambiance of the space to new heights. One way to make the space more fun for your child is to personalise their room according to their personal preferences. Whether your little one would prefer an ocean or Barbie-themed bedroom, Kids Haven has a full range of bedroom sets that comes with a complete suite of furnishings. Including a children’s bed, wardrobe, study table, and bedside table, revel in the convenience of having an all-in-one bedroom package that will revamp your child’s bedroom-cum-study room instantly. Throw in complementary carpets, wall art, and other knick-knacks, and you’re all set for gifting your bundle of joy a cool room to call their own. 

3. Say Goodbye to ‘Library Vibes’

Since most kids would be excited to spend the day at home, why not ride on this wave of excitement and make attempts to rid any remnants of the school aesthetic? Though there is no denying that classic bookcases can do wonders in terms of the organisation of study materials, you can still keep rooms tidy with creatively designed bookshelves too. Playful designs like those seen in the FIJN Caravan Floor Bookcase, LEKEN Aero Open Roof Bookshelf, and Fantasy Fields Garden Bookshelf will add vibrancy and cheer to your kid’s study area. Regardless of the theme you are going for, there are many storage and organising solutions that can efficiently store and organise books and toys! 

4. Light it Up

Literally capable of lighting up a room, lighting is one of the most important elements to add to your child’s study room. Since they will be spending hours on end in front of their laptops during HBL, why not spice up their desk area with a fancy lamp? From carousel lampshades that can be manually rotated to sports-themed lamps, these additional light sources will illuminate their study area, making study time a breeze.

5. Never Forget Comfort

As the saying goes, “Work Hard, Play Hard”. But to ensure your child works hard, they’ll first need a conducive environment that lets them do so. If integrating a matrix high loft bed in-built with a study desk is not your cup of tea, then you always have the option of adding in the appropriate study table and study chairs to create a designated study corner. To offer your child optimal comfort while studying, consider ergonomic tables and chairs. Upgrading their tables and chairs to ergonomic ones provide them with posture support, improves blood circulation and boosts productivity. Full of comfort and equipped with adjustable features, your child can lounge comfortably during their long hours of sitting and learning.

Skip waiting till the last minute to revamp your child’s study area. Grab your little ones and visit the Kids Haven showroom or take a tour around our 360 virtual showroom and select the furnishings that will help make learning fun again.

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