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Cool Childrens’ Car Bed to Race into Dreamland

Kids Haven

Cool Childrens’ Car Bed to Race into Dreamland

The ultimate motor racing event, the Singapore Grand Prix, is officially back in our sunny island after a long two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Set to be held towards the end of September this year, avid Formula 1 fans are surely counting down the days till they find their way to the grandstands. Little ones who are also into motorsport might find it just as hard to resist their urge to get swept up in the excitement of the thrilling weekend. But while you and your loved ones wait for the high-octane action to come to life, there is one ultimate way to rev them up for the Singapore Grand Prix 2022 - car beds!

3 Reasons Why Parents and Children Love Car Beds 

More than capable of paying homage to the grand motorsport event, car beds will effectively fulfill your child’s need for speed and take a load off your shoulders come bedtime. A total novelty bed that will surely leave all their friends in awe, having an epic race car bed in your child’s bedroom will inject some much-needed magic into their childhood and drive them into dreamland. Of course, integrating a car bed will put you on top of the best parent list, but at the same time, there are other reasons why they get so much love from families. Some of these include the fact that: 

1. They Get Kids to Go to Bed Sooner

Does bedtime turn into an absolute nightmare? Take the challenge of getting your child to go to bed each night head-on with a car bed. Just like how some kids need their favourite pillow or blankie to fall asleep, snuggling up in their favourite beds will do the same trick. Designed to look just like the F1 cars that will speed down race tracks at lighting speed or like those featured in the animated sports comedy film, Cars, these unique beds will get your little racer speeding towards bedtime.

2. They Are Unique

Not sure how to design the coolest bedroom for your kids? While there is no denying that customised beds can do wonders in personalising your kid’s bedroom, a one-of-a-kind car bed also serves as the perfect centrepiece for their rooms. Forget decorating the space with limited edition Hot Wheels model cars, and accelerate the gears with a life-sized option that your little one can jump into every night. With a range of sizes, shapes, and colours to choose from, creating a cool F1-themed room will be a breeze.

3. They Are Gigantic Toys

Quite possibly one of the main reasons why children love car beds is because they see these places of respite as a large-sized toy. Since cars are undoubtedly among some of the favourite toys of children, imagine the joy it will bring from having a large model race car in the corner of their bedrooms. Given the level of design intricacies of these realistic car beds, they are usually made of durable materials and tend to adhere to the highest safety standards. So, rest assured that your child will remain safe amidst all the fun they’re bound to have.

Car Beds to Consider

At Kids Haven, our extensive collection of race car beds are spacious and innovatively designed to transform your child’s bedroom into a classy car showroom. Whether you’ve got a little girl or boy, consider some of these children’s beds to place their mattresses on.

For Him

Your Lightning McQueen-loving little superhero will fall head over heels when their room is transformed into a race track with the Cliek Coupe Carbed. Simple and elegant, this car bed with 3D wheels is low in height making it perfect for the young ones. Just add on a mattress and they’ll be all set to fulfilling their dreams of being a racer. To really make them feel like they’re driving the brightly-lit Marina Bay Street circuit, consider the Cliek GTS car bed that comes with an interior fitted with leather trimming. Shining bright with under-car mood lights, wheel lights, and LED headlights, it can even double as a night light, posing as a great solution for kids who are afraid of the dark. The HB Rooms Grand Prix T600 Professional Car Bed is another one to add to your wishlist. Available in 3 different colours including red, blue and white, you’re sure to find the right bed that fits the theme of your child’s bedroom.

For Her

Who said girls don’t like fast cars? For a supercar that is sweet enough for your little princess, check out the HB Rooms Grand Hello Kitty Car Bed. Absolutely adorable and fun for the little girls, the high sides of the frame act as a guard, preventing your little racer from rolling off the bed while sleeping. And guess what? This flashy pink bed not only comes with Hello Kitty decals but also comes in both single and double size so you can fit twin mattresses with ease. 

Make Bedtime Fun with Kids Haven

An exciting bed makes bedtime more enticing for kids. So why not take the race car theme up a notch with complementary kids bedsheets? From the Cliek Bispeed Bed Cover to the Cliek GTS Duvet Set, options are aplenty at Kids Haven. Beyond beddings, children’s beds, and mattresses, we also boast a wide range of kid-friendly furnishing and accessories like the KLAAR Racing Car Lampshade that will make their space a thrilling one. 

Visit Kids Haven today to shop our full range of race car beds and matching bed sheets available in Singapore now.

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