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4 Fun Themes to Decorate Your Child's Bedroom

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4 Fun Themes to Decorate Your Child's Bedroom

4 Fun Themes to Decorate Your Childs Bedroom

Decorating your child's bedroom can be a fun and exciting project for both you and your little one. From choosing the colour scheme to picking out decorations, there are endless possibilities for creating a space that your child will love. All that’s needed is some creative thinking to transform your child's room from a boring box into a world of inspiration that speaks to your child’s personality. 

Kids Haven is an established online furniture retailer in Singapore, and this article explores some fun themes you can consider for your child’s bedroom. Keep reading to discover and learn more!

Racer boy

Racer Furniture Online Singapore

If your child loves all things cars and racing, then a racer theme is the perfect choice for their space. Choose a colour scheme that is as bold and vibrant as the chequered flag, with hues of black, white, red, and blue. Incorporate tire tread patterns and chequered flag accents onto the walls or bedding for an extra touch of racing flair. A car-shaped lamp will add a touch of authenticity to the room, while hanging a few framed posters of their favourite race cars can complete the look. Take the theme to the next level with a race car loft bed with a desk that is both fun and functional.

Victorian age

Victorian Age-Victorian Furniture Singapore

Step into the past and create a bedroom fit for a little prince or princess with a Victorian age-inspired theme. Start by choosing a colour scheme that includes rich jewel tones, such as burgundy, emerald green, and navy blue, or go with a patterned accent wall with ornate designs for an extra touch of elegance. 

Add on some vintage-inspired Victorian furniture and ornaments that will transport your child to another time. These include antique clocks, ornate mirrors, or bedside tables, for a touch of old-world charm to the room. Such a space will allow your child to curl up with a good book and be transported to a different time and place.



Pirate-Victorian Furniture Singapore

Does your child dream of sailing the high seas and finding buried treasure? If so, then a pirate-themed bedroom is the way to go. Choose rich shades of brown, gold, or black hues, and consider adding some pirate-themed wallpaper or a mural to the walls to create a dramatic effect. You may also incorporate nautical accents, such as rope or netting to the window, or make the space even more adventurous by adding a pirate themed bunk bed.


Japanese Furniture Singapore

The Japanese-inspired theme is perfect for those who appreciate the simplicity and elegance of Japanese design, as well as those looking to create a peaceful environment. Start by choosing a colour scheme that is calming and serene with shades of green, blue, and beige. Keep the decor simple and uncluttered, focusing on a few statement pieces like Japanese-inspired murals or a shoji screen to a touch of authenticity to the room. Japanese furniture like paper lamps will also add warmth to the room and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Finally, consider some traditional Japanese elements such as a tatami mat or a futon bed. These pieces will not only add to the overall aesthetic of the room but also provide a comfortable and practical space for your child to sleep and play.

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Decorating your child's bedroom can be a creative and exciting project. Keep these suggested themes in mind when designing your child’s room to create a space they’ll enjoy spending time relaxing, playing, and learning in.

Ready to get started? Kids Haven carries a range of children’s furniture for a variety of themes and preferences - reach out to learn more about our offerings today!