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Gear Up For the Academic Year Ahead With These School Supplies

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Gear Up For the Academic Year Ahead With These School Supplies

With a blink of an eye, the new academic year is upon us. The first month of a school year can be nerve-racking; however, it is a great opportunity to start fresh - for students and parents. Parents can really help equip their children for the new academic year and make the back-to-school transition easier for them. Avoid finding yourself in a frenzy, preparing the necessary at the last moment, and read on to find out about some of the back-to-school essentials for primary school students. If you haven’t prepared your child for the year ahead, take the short Chinese New Year break to get their school supplies sorted!

1. Stationery

School supplies should rank high on your list. Making sure your child is well equipped with stationery is an important prelude to the school year. Apart from it being necessary for school, buying stationery is also part of the excitement of going back to school. Although the festivities coming to an end dampens the mood a little, this provides an opportunity to make the whole experience of going back to school a little more fun. Also, having new pens and notebooks makes studying more stimulating.

When shopping for stationery, look for novelty stationery items that your children would like. Unique pencil cases, colourful notebooks and folders, organizers, gel pens – these are all items that will help make studying more enjoyable. Buying the items they like can also help to instil a sense of pride and ownership over their own belongings.

2. A Pandemic-Proof Kit

The pandemic is still ongoing, thankfully vaccines for children below 12 years old is already available. However, the new variant, still poses a risk to in Children. So, they need need to be equipped with the right tools and knowledge to help them stay safe in school. You can prepare a pandemic-proof kit for your children with practical supplies and tools for them to protect themselves against the virus. The pouch should include spare masks, hand sanitiser, alcohol wipes, tissues, and wet wipes. They should be taught to regularly sanitise themselves and disinfect their surroundings.

3. Storage Space

As children continue to acquire more books, textbooks and materials for school, the need for more storage space becomes inevitable. Although the storage needs may vary between age groups, they are all common in the sense that it is essential.

A perfect and necessary storage solution that every Singaporean child needs in their room is a bookshelf. It works to neatly store both schoolbooks and your kid’s massive book collection they have hoarded over the years and consequently turns their study area tidy. Choosing the right bookshelf for your home requires much thought in the size, function, and style of the structure. Kids Haven provides an array of trendy and modern bookshelf that will serve their purpose and provide both quality and aesthetics to the room. 

4. A Study Station

With the threat of the new variant, who’s to say there will not be another HBL for students in Singapore this year? Ensure that you are prepared this time around with a fully-equipped study station for your child. Due to the sheer amount of time they will have to spend at home, it is important for them to have an ideal study station at home. Opt for ergonomic chairs and a study table from Kids Haven, so that they can learn without having to compromise support for their backs. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to do all your back-to-school shopping. Bring your child and visit the Kids Haven showroom to pick out the perfect bookshelf and study table that they like this weekend.

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