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3 Tips to Design the Coolest Bedroom for Your Kids

Kids Haven

3 Tips to Design the Coolest Bedroom for Your Kids

a childs room full of furniture and decorations


Your children’s bedroom serves many functions. It is a fun and practical place for your kids to rest, play, and even study. However, keeping the kid’s bedroom cool and functional for daily activities can be a challenge for most parents.

Fret not, as Kids Haven has got you covered in everything from choosing the right furniture to giving you helpful advice on designing the coolest bedroom for your kids. Read on to find out how to create the coolest bedroom for your kids!

1. Make the Space Kid-Friendly

The first thing you will need to do is to ensure that the bedroom is as child-friendly as possible by using furniture of the right size for your kids. When selecting and buying furniture for your children’s bedroom, consider the child’s size and height before making a purchase. Avoid the mistake most parents make of buying adult-sized furniture for their kids’ bedrooms as it will not be healthy for their spine and posture in the long run.

Another important thing to consider is accessibility to the children’s toys and other items. Ensure that their favourite toys, books, and other items are within easy reach for their heights. The best gauge would be to place them at eye level. If there are wall decorations to be put up, make sure that they get to enjoy it best from their point of view as well.

During the process of designing, get your kids involved and make sure that they have a say about the decor of their own room, especially the colour of the walls or the design of the wallpaper. Get them to take their pick from our wide range of wall décor options such as printed wallpapers and wall decals on our website before making the final decision. Themed decorations for festive occasions such as Chinese New Year and Christmas can add a little more fun to the room as well.

2. Make Space for Play

Play is an integral part of our children’s lives. It helps to develop their brains and allows for their language and communication skills to mature quicker. Their young minds develop their communication skills, motor skills, and of course their problem-solving abilities through play, so naturally, their rooms should include enough space for them to play as well.

Instead of filling the room with furniture, consider leaving a part of the floor space open for playtime activities. One great way that combines room decor and play would be to invest in an interactive rug or carpet, such as the Hare and Tortoise Hopscotch Rug. This way, the rug doubles up as an in-room play activity for your kids as well. As for bigger rooms, you can set up teepees and play pretend-camping with your kids while lying with them in their room.

3. Maximise Space

Space is a luxury in most flats in Singapore, which makes it difficult to keep clutter out of sight, especially with little ones in the house. This is why space-saving furniture is a godsend for Singaporeans. Instead of living with clutter, why not maximise space by purchasing furniture that comes with storage space?

Most kids’ bedrooms are characteristically cluttered with discarded toys, clothes, and various items that they got bored of. A smart storage system in their rooms will provide sufficient storage space for their toys and other knicks and knacks to keep the room clutter-free and pleasing to your eyes.

In terms of storage, you can consider storage cubes and wall racks that not only provide extra storage but also make good use of the unused space on your walls, without taking up any more of your limited floor space. Another great solution would be to get space-saving furniture such as high-loft beds that easily allow you to fit a study area beneath the bed. Alternatively, you can simply get a modular bed with a cool slide or even a car bed to add a touch of fun to the room. Not to mention, modular beds are highly practical as they can be adjusted and expanded to fit your growing child by adding accessories and parts that are available on our website.

If you have kids sharing the same room, consider letting them sleep in double-decker beds which would save a great deal of space that can be utilised for other purposes. Keep in mind that, more space created in the bedroom means more space for other fun activities during playtime.

If you are looking for more inspirations or ideas to design the most comfortable and coolest bedroom that your kids will love for years, head over to Kids Haven now to shop functional furniture for your kids’ bedrooms today.

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