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Canopies & Bed Curtains In Singapore

Canopies and bed curtains are a quick and low-cost way to accessorize your beds. You could also remove them easily in future when your kids grow older.

If you are looking for canopies and bed curtains for your kids, look no further than Kids Haven for excellent customer service, secure payment and stellar products & services in Singapore.


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Add a little fun to your kids’ life with our wide variety of Canopies and Bed Curtains! 

Canopies and Bed Curtains are children's most loved. While it acts as a crib for them and creates personal space in their sleep area, it can also definitely spark up your child's imagination and creativity.


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At Kids Haven, we have plenty of canopy and bed curtains' options for you to choose from. 

Since 2011, Kids Haven has been distributing quality and utilitarian furniture and beddings for kids. Furthermore, we provide free delivery, WhatsApp support as well as 100% secure payment.

However, should you have any questions about our products and services, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. Click here to contact us.