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Wizard Academy

Kids Haven

Wizard Academy

Below is part of a series of kids room makeovers that Kids Haven has done in partnership with Groom my Room. It showcases kids taking charge of their own stories and their own rooms, within a budget and a timeline, with the help of a lively host, professionals, and their own family and friends. Watch the full series here.

Magic wand, casting spells, cooking potions… Are you also into a world of fascination? 

Meet Naisha, a very bubbly and lively girl, who is totally in love with wizardry! She is seeking for some magic here to transform her bleak and boring room into one full of enchantment! She also hopes to surprise her sister and to prove to her father that she is independent and can make decision on her own through this room’s transformation project. Now, let’s work some magic here!

Upon knowing Naisha’s needs for guidance, the host, Charmain got Naisha a friendly Interior Designer, Jennifer. 

Naisha’s ideas were quickly being pieced together with the help from Jennifer and a magical plan for the room was formed. With the Groom My Room T-shirt, phone and $1500 budget credited into the account, Naisha was all ready to wave her magic wand! 

Their first stop was to get the furniture. At Kids Haven, Naisha found the bed and study desk she wanted. Second stop was to get the DIY materials. 

After the shopping, they headed back home and started clearing the room and getting it painted with the help of the room groomers. Naisha helped with the painting too!

After that, Naisha shared her idea on the wall mural for her room with the wall muralist. While the wall muralist started working, Naisha went to work on her first DIY project, which was to make her Book of Spells! And she got her sister as her first lifeline to help with this DIY. Naisha had to leave the finishing up work to her sister and Charmain when the furniture arrived. Naisha had so much fun helping with assembling the furniture up!

With a few more hours to the reveal, Naisha and Jennifer were working hard on the finishing touches to the room. At the same time, Naisha needed to work on her second DIY project. This time she got help using her second lifeline which was her best friend to help out. 

After that, Naisha went back to touch up the final bits of her room. While doing so, Jennifer gifted her with a cool desk lamp that goes with the wizardry theme. Jennifer also then realised that due to insufficient budget, Naisha had to stick with her old chair, this was when Charmain came in and surprised Naisha with the study chair she wanted very badly! 

Finally it is time to reveal Naisha’s Wizard’s Academy!

From dull and bleak to mighty and magical!

Naisha’s father was really impressed what Naisha had achieved within the 48 hours with the help from Jennifer and Groom My Room team. Naisha’s sister really loved the room too! Naisha felt really good that it is over, the experiences were wonderful and she is very proud of her own work too, especially after seeing her family’s reactions! 

We can say that this room makeover has been nothing short of magical, well done young wizardess! Keep creating magic with this Wizard Academy Room, Naisha! 

Products Featured: 

Maxtrix Basic Low Bed

Cilek Dark Metal Study Desk

Cilek Dark Chair



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