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The King and His Castle

Kids Haven

The King and His Castle

Below is part of a series of kids room makeovers that Kids Haven has done in partnership with Groom my Room. It showcases kids taking charge of their own stories and their own rooms, within a budget and a timeline, with the help of a lively host, professionals, and their own family and friends. Watch the full series here.

Let’s meet 8 years old, chess-loving Eason who wants to take charge and turn his uninspiring room into a Castle worthy of a King. With the host Charmian Tan comes to the rescue to make King Eason's big dream come true.

Eason is afraid to sleep in his current room and hope to build a castle in his room, where he can feel safe and peaceful to sleep in. He wishes to change his bed to one that he and his sister will like. He also find the walls too plain and there is no real layout in the room. He hopes to impress his friends so they will come over more often.

Eason then gets to meet his royal interior designer, Adeline, whom he shared that he wanted to have a castle painting on the wall and a play area so he can play chess with his father. 

Adeline came out with a layout proposal after the idea sharing session. King Eason was quickly equipped with the groom my room t-shirt, fun phone and $1500 credits as soon as he gave his approval for the proposal. And off they travel to acquire the needed items.

After getting his bunk bed and a teepee with mat, Eason went to purchase some DIY materials before heading back to work on his castle. 

King Eason summoned his royal room groomers to assist with the work. Firstly, they shifted everything out so they can start painting the walls. However, there was 1 colour paint missing, so while the room groomers headed out to get it, Eason and Charmian worked on the first DIY. 

When the room groomers returned with the missing paint, Eason helped to paint the room too! And soon after, the furniture arrived. Eason also helped with fixing the furniture up. Next will be the wall mural. Due to the time limitation, Eason used his first lifeline to help with the wall mural painting. They also managed to put on the bedsheets, set up the teepee and the play area, before Eason rushed to work on the second DIY.

As the time was running out, half way through working on the second DIY with his last lifeline, Eason had no choice but to leave the remaining work to Charmaine as he hurried to go checked on the room progress. While tidying up the last bit, Adeline surprised Eason; a stuff toy crocodile to protect him, so he won’t have to be afraid of sleeping in his room! 

At last, it is time for the reveal!

From dull and messy to dignified and majestic.

With everyone impressed and satisfied, King Eason lived happily ever-after in his castle!

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