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Sports Lover

Kids Haven

Sports Lover

Below is part of a series of kids room makeovers that Kids Haven has done in partnership with Groom my Room. It showcases kids taking charge of their own stories and their own rooms, within a budget and a timeline, with the help of a lively host, professionals, and their own family and friends. Watch the full series here.

Are you someone who enjoys different types of sports? Today our path crosses with a 10 year old girl, Alysia who loves track and field, soccer, basketball and doesn't shy away from challenges.

Alysia finds her room with no sense of style and not motivating. She hopes that through the help from Groom My Room, she can gives her room a makeover and at the same time to prove to her sisters that, she is not just sporty but also creative!

With the help from the host Charmain, Alysia met Gordon, the sporty Interior Designer. Alysia then shared that she wanted a sport theme room, with the colour green to represent soccer and orange for basketball. She also wants to be able to study in her room with her sisters. Gordon then came up with a plan based on her ideas. 

With the plan approved by Alysia, Charmain presented Alysia the Captain Tee and had the $1500 budget credited to the account, Alysia is all ready to dash! Poor Charmain will need to keep up with the young athlete here.

First stop will be Kids Haven, the furniture store. With the Sales Consultant's assistance, Alysia gets to find a bunk bed and a rug within the budget! Not forgetting the DIY materials too before heading back to start on the room makeover race!

Back to her room, Alysia is so full of energy and called out to the room groomers to come help with clearing out the area and painting the walls. While the room groomers work on the walls, Alysia went to work on her first DIY with her first lifeline who is her Daddy.

With the arrival of furniture, Alysia left Charmain and her Daddy to finish up the DIY project and proceed to help with getting the furniture up. After that, Alysia not only shared her idea to the wall muralist for wall mural, she also helped with the painting! 

Alysia then got her second lifeline to do her last DIY project. She left the finishing part to her lifeline and Charmian when she needed to go and check on Gordon and the room. With the finally touching up done, it is finally the moment to reveal her revamped room! 

From shabby and sloppy to sleek and sporty!

Alysia’s Daddy feels that she had done a good job as it is also his dream room! Alysia’s sisters love the new bunk bed and her Mummy loves the bright colours in room! With everyone happy and satisfied with the room’s makeover, we can proudly announce Alysia is the winner of this race!  

Products Featured:

Cilek White Bunk Bed (90X200 Cm)

EFFEN Football Rug

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