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Running Track

Kids Haven

Running Track

Below is part of a series of kids room makeovers that Kids Haven has done in partnership with Groom my Room. It showcases kids taking charge of their own stories and their own rooms, within a budget and a timeline, with the help of a lively host, professionals, and their own family and friends. Watch the full series here.

Have you ever wish that you fastest man? Well, meet Cyrus, a boy with a big heart and destined for greatness and raise to the top. Cyrus is the only boy in the family with 2 sisters whom he used to share a room with. Now he gets to have his own room, he wishes to personalise the room. He is looking at a running track theme, as running gives him the sense of freedom and joy. He hopes his revamped room will be the source of inspiration for him. 

With Charmian’s help, Cyrus met Jillien, the Interior Designer who will be helping him fully with the room grooming. They had a discussion and Jillien came up with a plan to give the boring room a new look. After which, Charmian prepared and got Cyrus ready for the shopping trip by giving him the Groom My Room T-shirt, fun phone and the budget credited! 

At Kids Haven, Cyrus purchased a day bed, bookshelf and a study chair. Followed by a trip to get some DIY materials. 

Right after the purchasing trips, they went home and got help from the Room Groomers to clean up the room. Followed by painting the room with the help from Room Groomers.

After that Cyrus went to work on the first DIY project with the help from his first life line. And here comes the furniture, Cyrus helped with getting the furniture set up. Cyrus also communicated with the wall muralist on what he wanted for his wall mural. Cyrus and his sister also helped in painting the mural.

Getting his sister’s help again, Cyrus worked on his second DIY. Straight after, Cyrus worked together with Charmian and the room groomers to set up the room. Jillien then came in to check on Cyrus and also brought a surprise for him; more storage shelves for him to organise his things. 

Finally! It is time for the reveal!

From boring and ordinary to hair-raising and legendary. Cyrus has achieved his dream of creating an athlete track and field theme! 


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