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Kids Haven's collaboration with Home & Decor

Kids Haven

Kids Haven's collaboration with Home & Decor

Did you catch the Oct Home & Decor Issue?

Here is the highlight on the articles that Kids Haven has collaborated with Home & Decor.


1. Timeless styles for a child’s bedroom

The limitation when you design a child’s bedroom is yourself. However, there are also some themes that never seems to go out of style.

We will be sharing 5 timeless kids’ room design concepts that are always a safe bet.

  • Jungle and Forest

Bringing the magic of jungles and forests into your kid’s bedroom and play area.

A simple way to bring a jungle or forest theme into a kid’s bedroom is with wallpapers with tree or animal patterns and exploring many different shades of greens, browns, greys, creams, and whites.

  • Pastels

Using pastel-coloured schemes to create a calming and dreamy atmosphere for your little one. 

Try adding layers to a pastel-themed room by introducing bedding and drapery in different textures and shades of the same pastel tone.

  • Little Explorers

Firing up your child’s creativity by designing an outer space or travel and exploration themed bedroom, study, or playroom.

To create a room your kid will be proud to show their friends, you can even include beds shaped like vans, buses, rockets, race cars, boats, or aeroplanes.

  • Bauhaus Colours

By infusing Bauhaus-inspired colours into the rooms of children and teenagers, it helps to complement a confident and extroverted child’s personality well.

Don’t be afraid to mix bold colours but keep the intensity consistent to ensure balance.

  • Minimal & Adaptable

The best way to build a versatile and adaptable child’s bedroom that can be easily refreshed as your child grows older, is to go minimalist.

A minimalist bedroom doesn’t have to be furnished with just plain white furniture, and blending plywood laminate is a great way to add warmth to this concept.

You can read the full article on Home & Decor Website.


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2. Where to go for Children’s furniture in Singapore

Creating an optimal space at home where your child can sleep, play and learn. Be it for one or many kids, we have both beautiful and functional ideas to get you started.

Please read the full article on Home & Decor website.


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