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Dance Studio

Kids Haven

Dance Studio

Below is part of a series of kids room makeovers that Kids Haven has done in partnership with Groom my Room. It showcases kids taking charge of their own stories and their own rooms, within a budget and a timeline, with the help of a lively host, professionals, and their own family and friends. Watch the full series here.

Pop songs, compelling music, awesome dance moves.. Welcome to the world of a 11 years old hip hop talent Keane!

Keane has a wish, which is to transform his cluttered room into a state-of-the art dance studio where he can practice his slick dance moves and sleep in, therefore he hopes to get help from Groom My Room Team. Keane’s mother also has an expectation of him with this room grooming project, which is to learn how to manage a budget, as she thinks it is a good skill to have for kids nowadays.

With the host, Charmain’s help, Keane get to work with a cool interior designer, Wyman. During the session, Keane shared his thoughts on how he wants the room to be, things that he wants to remain in the room and colour theme. Given the limited space and the idea of able to practice in the room, Wyman suggested to get a loft bed and having a mirror in the room. When they are all set with the room design, and budget credited, off they go to do the purchasing!

First stop will be the furniture store, where he gets his loft bed, bookcase, and chair. After that they headed to get some materials for his DIY projects.

To get started with the room revamping, Keane get help from the room groomers to clear out stuffs in the room. Follow by room painting by Mr Painter, help from his uncle to do a DIY framed silhouettes, furniture assembly and a Hip Hop wall mural! To finish up the whole project, mirrors are put up on the wall and a second DIY project item to add to the room, with help from Keane’s cousin. Wyman surprised Keane with running lights around the mirror which looks super cool! With the final touching up, it is time for the big reveal!

At last, at the end of 48 hours, Keane’s room took a 180 change from neh to yea!

handle everything, from budgeting to getting organised. Overall, Keane find this a very great learning experience. Hope Keane will be able to practise more with his new spacious room and achieve more in his dancing journey!


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