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5 REASONS to Buy a Modular Kid’s Bed

Jeremy Teo

5 REASONS to Buy a Modular Kid’s Bed

From threenagers to teenagers, kids’ needs are always changing. Fads and phases come and go, but unlike clothes and hairstyles, it’s hard for bedroom furniture to keep up. So, how to cope with their ever-changing desires? Meet the modular bed!

Instead of buying a new bed every few years, a modular bed grows with your child so you (and your wallet) can sleep easy. JEREMY TEO is the general manager of Kids Haven, a specialty retailer of children’s furniture and distributor of Maxtrix beds, the world’s largest kids’ furniture system. Here’s why he says modular is the only way to go.

#1 Fully flexible

“Whether you change your mind, need to fit it into new home or are just in need of an update for Junior’s room, a modular system allows you to easily switch up the height, style and features of your bed over time.”

#2 Tots to teens
“A modular bed can be adapted for all ages. As your child enters their teens, you can remove any slides and ladders that are no longer cool and easily revert the bed back to a more grown-up style.”

#3 Space saver

“Bunk beds are a great way to save space. If your kids aren’t quite ready for a full-height bunk, safety needn’t be a concern. Opt for a low bunk setup today and you can get extenders to raise it up to a high bunk in the future.”

#4 Fun and functional
“While kids’ beds need to be solid, safe and comfortable, there’s no reason they can’t be fun too. From a slide to get out of bed in the morning to a fairytale tower, modular beds can be customised to your tot’s content with accessories and fun fabric décor. More practical additions include trundle beds for sleepovers, desks, dressers and drawers.”

#5 Built to last
“Best of all, modular beds are designed to see kids through to their adult years, so quality is assured. US brand Maxtrix uses premium solid birch wood and builds to withstand 350 kilograms – that’s a lot of monkeys jumping on the bed! They come with a five-year warranty, adhere to strict US and EU safety standards, and are part of the largest kids’ furniture system in the world.

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