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3D Gameworld

Kids Haven

3D Gameworld

Below is part of a series of kids room makeovers that Kids Haven has done in partnership with Groom my Room. It showcases kids taking charge of their own stories and their own rooms, within a budget and a timeline, with the help of a lively host, professionals, and their own family and friends. Watch the full series here.

Have you ever thought of being an innovated engineer or a courageous warrior? Come meet Eden and Jayden, the ambitious twin brothers with big dreams!

Eden and Jayden might be twins, but they have very different taste and personalities. They wish to have their own space yet a common area where they can share and play games together. Double fun or double trouble? With Charmian and her Groom My Room troopers, let’s start the adventurous game! 

The boys find their room very cramp and lack of personalities, they wish to have a game world theme that reflect both their personalities and preferred colours. Overwhelmed with their requests, Charmian got professional help from the Interior Designer, Carmen.

With all ideas shared, a design layout done, Charmian handed the t-shirts, fun phone to the boys and had the $1500 credited in the account , they now can go for their shopping quest. 

They acquired a wardrobe and DIY items needed. After completing the shopping quest, the boys cleared up and painted the room with the assistance from the Groom My Room Troopers. 

The boys then called in the wall muralist, explained what they wanted. While the wall muralist get to work, the boys proceed to work on their first DIY project, using their first lifeline; their daddy to help. 

Having their wardrobe arrived and assembled, the boys went on to work on their second DIY project with the help from their childhood friend. While doing the final touch up, they faced issue with storage problem and that is when Carmen came and surprise them with wall cabinets, which solve their storage issue and also helped to give the wall a fun 3D scape look! 

Finally, they are ready for the reveal!                     

From an average looking to 3D game world! Eden and Jayden had brought fun and fantasy into their room! 

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Cilek Montes 3 Doors Wardrobe

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